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About the area

Here are some of the highlights for our county over the past year:

Great place to live

  • Staffordshire is a safe place to live with the crime rate per 1,000 people below the average for England
  • 93% of residents surveyed are happy with their local area as a place to live
  • 98% of residents surveyed feel safe outside in their local area during the day and around 85% after dark - on par with, or better than, national averages
  • Through an extra £10million investment over two years in crews and the latest technology, we have fixed more than 35,000 potholes in 2017-18, compared to around 20,000 in a typical year

Jobs and growth

  • 78% of the county’s adults have a job; this is higher than the average for England
  • The number of available jobs in Staffordshire has increased by more than 25,000 since 2010
  • Around 1% of the county’s working age population claim out of work Universal Credit benefits including Job Seeker’s Allowance, lower than national and West Midlands averages

Skills and education

  • 75% of Staffordshire’s five-year-olds are classed as ‘ready for school’ and start school equipped to succeed. This is higher than the average for England (71%) (Source: The Department of Education)
  • More than 9,500 apprenticeships were started in 2016/17 (Source: The Department of Education and Skills Funding Agency)
  • By September 2017 89% of Staffordshire schools were judged by Ofsted as being Good or Outstanding. This is a 3% increase since 2016 (Source: Ofsted monthly management information)

Health and wellbeing

  • Fewer Staffordshire five-year-olds have tooth decay than average
  • The county has better take up of inoculations - diphtheria, tetanus, polio, measles, mumps and rubella - than most parts of the country
  • Preventable death rates in Staffordshire have fallen and are similar to the average for England

Staffordshire County Council 2018